6 Tips to Arrange Your Plants


The thought of having a plant nursery Boise is always exciting and seems easy until you start doing the actual work. The exciting part remains in most cases. However, the easy part is not always the case. Talk of “easier said than done”.

Most of the time, you will have an idea in your mind. But putting the idea to play and bringing it to life is where the skills are needed. Check out how to arrange your plants below.

Find the Right Plants and Flowers

Before getting to the arrangement, here is an important factor you must consider first; find the right plants. Before you start checking out garden centersboise Idaho, it is important to first decide the plants that will suit your garden.

If you already have a plan and design in mind then this should not be a hard task. You will already know whether you want tall plants, or short ones, their eventual size when they are grown and fully matured, and how they will impact the arrangement in the future. Remember to be open-minded, it is your garden; you can always arrange and rearrange anytime to fit your likes and needs.

Arrange in Groups

Now that you have your plants at hand, it is time to get to the real work, the arrangement. One of the most popular styles is arranging in groups. There are two ways you can go about this; putting similar plants in the same group or mixing different types of plants that complement each other in the same group.

You can also decide to put them in groups of the same number consistently. That is if it is in groups of 3 or groups of 5. Similarly, you can decide to put a different number of plants together. For example, you can have groups of 3s, 5s, and 7s. So you will have bigger and smaller bundles to fit your design.

Create a Focal Point

This is another popular way to arrange your plants and create a stunning garden. There are many different ways you can go about this. A Focal point simply means the main point. It is usually bigger, more noticeable, and could also be different from everything else in the space.

If you have a bigger plant that you love, you could place it in the middle of the other plants and that automatically creates a focal point.  Some people get other outdoor decorations like huge sculptures. It all depends on what you want and what you have at hand.

The purpose of a focal point is not only to create a bigger, more beautiful, and different spot. It is also to give you direction on how and where to place the other plants.

Arrange in Rows

Placing your plants in rows provides a clean, neat, and beautiful arrangement. You can put masses of plants that overlap in one row and allow them to flow in the same direction, put similar plants on another row, and taller plants on another one.

Space Individual Plants

Before you go ahead and start to plant, you want to first learn about the plant. It is especially important to know how big the plant will eventually be when it is fully grown and mature. This will then serve as your guideline to space them.

You want to make sure you give the plants enough room to grow and expand, especially those that you plant individually. Keep in mind that when they grow bigger and taller, they will eventually touch

Overlapping Some Plants

You may also want to consider overlapping some plants, depending on their type. You want them to flow flawlessly when they grow in size without creating spaces in between them. Whether it is along the fence or on the ground, you should overlap masses of plants to prevent them from creating holes.