An easy guide to whether your business will benefit from a replacement or restored roof


It is very easy when the boss of what’s on the outside looks like a successful business to sometimes forget about the foundations. Current good trading does not guarantee that the future will always be as bright. It is important to think about cementing an infrastructure while the going is good.

Owners of warehouses or factories need to look after their buildings. A property in good condition leads to a healthy environment for your staff to operate in and offers peace of mind to customers when they visit. If the building is of any age, it is now time to look at the options offered in industrial roofing in Perth.

A secure, weatherproof roof is a fantastic investment. The question is which is the best option. A full replacement or a restoration. Hopefully these factors will point you in the right direction.

  • A replacement offers you an overall cash saving through its longevity. However, if you cannot secure the finance required a restoration is the way to go. Both will make improvements, eliminating the dangers of adverse weather potentially damaging your stock leading to a lack of customer confidence. An upgraded or new roof will make savings on utility bills as the building as it benefits from improved insulation.
  • A roof restoration is ideal if a business is looking to move in the following few years. However, if a firm is settled a full replacement will send out a message to customers that the business is healthy and is around to stay, while also offering a feel-good vibe to staff who sees that they work for good employees.
  • Staff will also recognise that their welfare is being cared for as they are likely to work in comfortable surroundings. The last thing any business needs are accidents caused by slips on wet floors or loose materials. It costs time and money in absences and potential liabilities. On the other hand, a renovation is environmentally friendly as there is very little to dispose of.
  • A renovation is a quicker process if the works are urgent and will cause less disruption to your business as works can carry on as normal, but they may have to be repeated later, which is not needed with a full replacement.

Before you make your decision, talk to the experts when carrying out roofing works for your business. They will offer you sound advice on saving money and looking after the interests of your customers.