Architecture Firms Singapore; The Relationship Between An Architect And His Client


The architecture firms singapore work by hiring full-time architects to work for their company. These firms make sure to hire only licenced architects to maintain the reputation of the organization. Licenced architects have proper documents of their study that as the theory learning certificate, internship training certificate and other required documents. These basic requirements showcase the authenticity of the architecture as well as the whole firm.

To ensure that a work project is being carried out correctly, the architect and the client seek help from a contractor who makes legal documents regarding the set rules of work. The contractors form a legal document to which both the parties agree by signing the document. This ensures that if any rule is broken or if the other party is not abiding by the terms and conditions, they become liable for the same. Furthermore, this contract provides relief and safety to both parties. The other party does not push them for any unwanted purpose: fastening the work or about the payment increment, etc. This reduces miscommunication and helps to have a mutually beneficial and peaceful relationship between the client and the architect.