Best Roof For The Florida Climate


Roofs can be used for more than decorative purposes. They also offer greater protection from the elements. Although they may differ in materials and colors, all roofs can help maintain acceptable comfort levels throughout winter and summer. Roofs must have high solar reflectivity if they are to be used in areas that experience a warmer climate, such as Florida.

KCG Roofing, the local roofing contractor in St. Petersburg FL shares the best roofing materials for the warm climate.

Slate Tile

Slate has been used for roofing purposes for centuries. This is due to its beauty and durability. Slate is expensive and heavy, but it comes in many natural colors that last for years and requires little maintenance. Natural reflective properties reduce heat absorption in the light-colored and earth-toned slate varieties.

Stone-Coated Roof

Stone-coated residential roofing in St. Petersburg Florida can also be a beautiful and durable material that reflects heat from the sun. This roofing material is made from steel panels or shingles and covered with permanently affixed stones chips. It provides a unique look and long-lasting durability. KCG Roofing can install this type of roof. They come in many styles, including shake, slate, tile, and shingle.

Rubber Roof

A rubber roof can be cooling for flat-roofed homes. It is made from strong, weather-resistant thermoplastic rubber commonly known as EPDM in the commercial roofing sector. This lightweight material can be installed in sheets or rolls and is very easy to use in small or large areas. It acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting the roof layers below.

KCG Roofing can help with your residential roofing needs. We offer professional roof replacements in St. Petersburg FL that will help you restore your valuable investment.

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