Detecting a tampered lock



Ideally, in a world like ours, one can never be too observant. Security consciousness is serious business, and it falls on the laps of the would-be victims to ensure their property, and those they love are safe from potential break-ins.

Locks are fragile subjects. Some individuals have mastered the art of understanding and manipulating this fragility and using it to carry out treacherous acts.

This makes it crucial that, as individuals, we not only update and upgrade our security measures to suit the times but that we are also vigilant of our environment.

We’re My Locks Tampered With?

Upon suspecting that your lock has been tampered with, the first thing you need to do is calmly access the environment and look out for any missing items or items that may be out of place. If you find evidence of tampering or a break-in, the next step should be calling the police.

Obvious evidence would be broken windows, locks, deformed or damaged doors, etc. In cases such as this, it is evident that there has been at least an attempt of breaking and entering. If someone has broken into your home, it would be rare for your belongings to be mostly untouched. Some of the signs to look out for when looking for evidence of a potential break-in are as follows.


Force is one of the oldest tricks in the book. The burglar usually applies brute force on your doors to open them, but this can also apply to locks. Though it is imperative to mention that this is a somewhat hasty measure, there are less obvious ways through which your locks can be tampered with. But there will be signs of this type of tampering:

  • Your latches or deadbolts are bent
  • Altered door frames
  • Alterations to the paint or wood on the edges of your door.


Another widespread way of tampering with your locks by burglars is lock picking. They use screwdrivers, pins, and other small tools to pick and turn your locks, and this often leaves little or no trace.

However, some of the tips through which you can find out your lock has been picked are as follows;

  • Shiny and tiny fresh scratch marks around your keyhole
  • Your key doesn’t smoothly go into the keyhole

Keeping Yourself Safe

Today’s world has gone digital; you can upgrade your security system to have blaring alarms, which often helps ward off burglars. You can also have digital locks with advanced technologies like fingerprint sensors to help keep you safe.

Professional locksmiths like aaa locksmith are ready to help keep your home and loved ones safe with their easy to install lock systems. Above all, you should contact AAA locksmith today to work out the best security plan to defend your home and loved ones against unwanted intruders.

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