How Moving Large Trees Safely & Efficiently Can Help Save Our Planet


There are many ways that we can help preserve our planet, and one of them is by moving large trees safely and efficiently. By doing this, we can prevent damage to the tree and also reduce the amount of CO2 emissions that are released into the atmosphere. In this blog post, we will discuss ArborLift™ can help us save our planet, but before we do that, let’s see what’s ArborLift!


Arborlift is the process of moving large trees safely and most efficiently. Arborlift is a patented process that uses a crane to carefully pick up and move trees without causing any damage.

How Moving Large Trees Can Save Our Planet:

When you think of ways to help save our planet, moving large trees may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, this process can actually play a significant role in preserving our environment. Here’s how it work.

By transporting trees from one area to another, we are able to replant them in areas where they are needed most. This helps to combat deforestation, which is a major issue when it comes to climate change. Deforestation accounts for about 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions, so replacing these trees can make a big difference.

In addition to helping with climate change, transporting trees also has other benefits. For example, restoring forests can improve water quality and soil health. It can also help to protect endangered species and create new habitats for animals.

All of this is why moving large trees can be such an important tool in our fight against climate change. It’s a process that is simple, efficient, and has a big impact. So if you want to do your part in preserving our planet, consider helping to move some trees!

Few Things To Keep In Mind:

  • When transporting trees, be sure to take into account the weight and size of the tree.
  • Make sure that the area where you are planting the tree is ready for it, including having proper irrigation in place.
  • If transplanting a large tree, be prepared for some initial damage as the tree acclimates to its new surroundings.


Arborlift is a process that can help us to save our planet. By moving large trees safely and efficiently, we can prevent deforestation, improve water quality and soil health, and protect endangered species. It’s a simple process that has a big impact, so if you want to do your part in preserving our planet, consider helping to move some trees!