How to Decorate Your Fence for the Holidays



The holidays aren’t too far and it’s the time of giving, sharing, and decorating. A fence offers a lot of free space that invites creativity and ingenuity during the holidays. You’ll be surprised at how many ways you can decorate your fence and call upon the Christmas spirit. If your fence requires some repair and maintenance before the holidays, you can search for “fencing company near me” and get it fixed. However, before that, let’s check out what you need to keep in mind before decorating your fence:

The Details

  1. Weather conditions – Before you decorate your fence, you need to keep the weather in mind. Winter weather is unpredictable, and your outdoor decorations can get heavily impacted by it. For instance, your carefully decorated garlands on the fence can get blown away in an instant by a windstorm. All those pretty lights won’t shine bright when there’s heavy snow.

That’s why you need to go the extra mile with your holiday decorations. If decorative materials are light, you need to use mounting kits and reliable mounting materials to keep them on your fence. If you’re creating garlands or pictorial displays make sure to use water-resistant materials. Your lighting materials also need to be resistant to the weather and should be able to tolerate snow, wind, and rain.

  1. Types of fences – Fences aren’t made equal. While wooden fences can be challenging to decorate, chain link fences come with their own decorating woes. If you have a sturdy and solid fence material, you get to play around with a color theme. If you have a basic color in the background, you get to experiment with contrasting colors to create a visual impact.

On the other hand, fences that are not dense enough and made from chain links or iron bars create a transparent background. This allows you to treat your landscape as a blank canvas where your decorative items can blend into. You’ll also need bulkier and larger decorative items to make them visible from a distance. With that out of the way, let’s check out how you can decorate your fence.

  1. Drape your garland – While regular garlands do a decent job, draped garlands are more appealing and help you make a statement in the neighborhood. You need to be consistent in your decorative approach and be consistent while you hand the garland. If the placement isn’t precise enough, it would look very unprofessional and sloppy.

That’s why you need some planning before you order the materials. You need enough materials so that you don’t run short and compensate with shabby positioning. Get a sample of the material from your local store and check how it hangs. Measure the midpoints between the posts and mark them so that you can place every section with military precision. If there are some tricky points, you can use zip ties, twist ties, and wiring to secure them in place.

To add lighting and color you can use more natural elements or bright and colorful choices depending on your decorative theme. Remember that the key is consistency.

  1. Lighting – Lighting is another important aspect of winter decoration. It’s tempting to opt for novelty lights since they look unique and can create quite an impression on guests and strangers during this holiday season. However, they often lack a sufficient length of strands and that makes for sloppy hanging. Even if your lights look good, sloppy hanging will bring down the overall aesthetics.

That’s why DIY may be a better option. You can make custom strands that suit the length requirements perfectly and help you to align the LEDs and bulbs and create a crisp and sharp look.

  1. Symbols and characters – You may love snowmen, Saint Nicolas and his army of dwarves, or his cute herd of reindeer. Either way, making your favorite holiday symbols and characters into fun little accents is always a great decorative idea. You can find character yard stakes that can be placed along the fence. They may display snowmen, penguins, polar bears, or even a nativity scene.

It can also have Christmas bulbs. You can add specialty lights to create interesting effects. For instance, if you have a nativity scene, a light-up star works great while a red led bulb would do good for Rudolph’s nose. You can also go a bit more high-tech and buy a holographic decorative set. It may be scenes from pop culture like The Polar Express. Holographic projections also allow you to make your decorative scene come alive with animations.

  1. Pinecones – If you want to add more natural elements to your Christmas decoration, look no further than pinecones. They are incredibly cheap, and you can buy a bunch of them to use on your fence, yard, and other places on your property. You can spray paint them red, white, and green or any other way to suit your holiday decorative theme. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even hollow out the cones and DIY LEDs to turn them into unique light fixtures.
  1. Use all the available space – Most people tend to decorate the upper half of the fence. That’s the norm and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the unused base can also be decorated incredibly without taking the limelight from the main decorations on the upper half.

You can place more garlands at the base, candy cane stakes along the fence, and also giant oversized bulbs to fill up the emptiness. There’s nothing minimal about holiday decorations. You can also add pinwheels to add a bit of motion.


As you can see, there are several ways of decorating your fence in any way you want. You can use garlands, lighting, special symbols, and characters and channel your creativity to make your home stand out during this special season. It’s also a great opportunity to do some repair and maintenance on your fence by searching for a “fencing company near me” and hiring professionals.

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