Life Is So Much Easier When You Have Wheels.


Staff get injured on a fairly regular basis doing their job because they are asked to move heavy items around the office and they’ve never really been told how to lift things properly and how to move them around. Most businesses have boxes of paperwork or stock that have to be moved around on a regular basis to make room for other stock and also to take stock out onto the shop floor. Many of these boxes are particularly large and so a great deal of effort is required to move them from A to B. If one of your staff members experiences an injury then they might have to take time off work and this is stress that you as an employer just don’t need. There is also the possibility that the staff member may make a claim against your employer insurance because you didn’t provide them with the necessary lifting equipment.

This is why so many business owners are now fitting castor wheels to their many storage boxes because it makes them so much easier to move around and it cuts down on health and safety accidents in the workplace. If this concept is very new to you then you can purchase these particular wheels at the Richmond Wheel & Castor Co. in New Zealand. There are so many benefits to adding castor wheels to any storage box and the following are just some of them.

* It just makes things easier – Large items become much easier to move around freely across the shop floor and things that required two to three people to move beforehand, can now be easily moved by just one individual. This ease of use means that your staff is not exhausted after moving something from one place to another and if they are less tired, then they are able to work better. It seems such an easy solution, but it is very effective and adding castor wheels just makes things easier for everyone. You can also have the option of adding swivel castor wheels so that the item can be moved in any direction at all.

* It saves time & money – This is the explanation that every business owner wants to hear and so anything that can save them time and money can only be seen as a positive. If things are a lot easier to move around the shop floor, then this is definitely going to save time and thus money. The time that is normally wasted trying to move a large item around can be spent elsewhere in the business in a more productive capacity. When you fit castor wheels to any storage box, it just makes it so easy for loading and unloading, and this in turn increases productivity which should lead to higher profits.

These are just two of the reasons why castor wheels are a great addition for any business and there are many more. We should be trying to come up with things that make working easier, not more difficult.