Revamping a Faulty Bad Wrought Iron


Years of neglect, with no maintenance, might have turned your wrought iron fence into an eyesore – a shadow of its elegant self, so to say. But the good thing is that your wall can be redeemed again as this sort of fence are “die-hards.” The ways to go about this are what you’re about to discover in this article.

Remove Weeds, Vines, etc.

There is a high tendency that the area where the fence is installed to see appreciable growth of weeds, grasses, vines, and even debris. Hence, the first thing you will need to do will be to get rid of all this debris as you prepare the fence for cleaning.

Get Rid of the Imperfections on the Metal

Moving on, you should get a brush having a firm fine wire or sandpaper to scrub all forms of imperfection – from rust to chipped painting – from the surface of the metal. You can eventually use the sandpaper to smoothen the area so that it can be receptive to further treatment – painting, most precisely.

Make Repairs Where Necessary

Owing to the fact that the wrought iron fence Boise has been left abandoned for a while, certain parts might have been lost or moved out of position. So, you will have to, first of all, look out for such faults and act to implement the needed repairs or replacement of parts. Again, you may also need to apply lubricant on the hinges of the fence to prevent it from making squeaky noises.


Now, prepare warm, soapy water using non-ionized detergent. Get a soft cloth dipped into the soapy water and use it to clean every part of the fence. After this, you should use water to rinse off the soap and allow it to be completely dried up before going on to the next step.

Application of Primer

Primer is a substance that is applied as a rust-protective layer, and it is usually done before painting. It is important that you ensure the even distribution of the primer and see to it that it reaches every part of the fence.

Application of Epoxy Enamel

Epoxy enamel also offers some protection to the metal, and it imposes a glossy appearance. After applying it, you should make sure it gets dry before applying the paint.


The last part of the revamp process is the application of paint. You may do a double coating of the painting to give a more satisfactory outcome and also prevent rusting to an appreciable extent. The color of paint mostly used in this respect is black.

The aspects of the revamping process from cleaning down may not be necessary if powder coating is employed. The use of powder coating will, however, require the input of a professional. That said, powder coating is usually viewed as a better option than painting for the restoration of an old wrought iron fence. This is down to the fact that it significantly prevents rusting and also improves the durability of the fence.

Now That your Wrought Iron Fence is Back

Having brought your wrought iron fence back to life, you should ensure its maintenance regularly. You should make sure there are no water outlets – pipe, hose, etc. – around it, and also set out time to have it cleaned once every six months.

Regular maintenance and prompt repair are essential to ensuring that these barriers remain functional and visually appealing. By seeking specialized solutions like those offered by Fence Repair Austin, homeowners can ensure the longevity of their fences, saving money in the long run by preventing more significant damages.