Swimming Pool Certification in Sydney: What you Need to Know


If you are seriously thinking of adding a pool to your property, there are certain safety issues you should be aware of. The state requires that every swimming pool and spa is certified as safe to use, and prior to booking a pool inspection, it is important to make sure that your pool meets the following standards.

  • Pool Fencing – The barrier around your pool must be of a height specified according to the size of the pool and there can be no gaps wider than 100mm. The fencing must be in good order with no horizontal gaps, something pool certifiers in Sydney look for when they carry out their inspection.
  • Gating – The gate must be on the self-closing variety with the release catch at least 1500mm from the ground. The gate hinges must not protrude to the point where they could aid a child in climbing and special caps can be attached to stop this.
  • Obstacle Free Zone – It is deemed that there must be no objects (natural or man-made) within 1200mm of the fencing, and that includes trees, items of furniture or garden equipment. You should walk the perimeter and check that there is nothing within that radius and remove anything inside that area.
  • Inside the Pool Area – The only items allowed inside the pool area are filtration and pool cleaning equipment, while a fixed slide is acceptable. No garden furniture of any kind can be located inside the pool area, nor any clothes lines or any leisure item.
  • CPR Sign – There must be a suitable CPR sign inside the pool area, which you can obtain from online sources.

Booking a Pool Inspection

If you search online for an approved pool certification provider, you can book the inspection, and should everything be in order a safety certificate will be issued, which is valid for a period of 3 years. Of course, you should carry out your own inspection on the morning of the inspection, just to check that all is as it should be.

Transfer of Ownership

In the event you wish to sell your property, the pool must have certification, which could be compliance, or non-compliance (non-compliance means the new owner must obtain the compliance certificate).

It is essential that your pool is certified and with online solutions, you can make a booking to have your pool inspected, and once you have a compliance certificate, it is valid for 3 years.