The Most Popular Roof Designs For Florida


When designing their home, not many people consider how the roof will look. This can have a significant impact on the overall design of the house. It is important to consider the various roof types and materials available for your roof in order to get the best house design.

Below is a list of the three most popular Florida roof designs . Look around to see the variety of options available.

Gable Roofs

Gable roofs are by far the most popular type of roof you’ll find in Florida and most places around the globe that have temperate climates . They are easy to construct and also because they are timeless, simple, elegant and timeless.

Gable roofs offer many benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal. They allow water to run off them, and provide your home lots of ventilation. Gable roofs look great and can be applied to any type of home.

Hip Roofs

Hip roofs are a roof type that is built around the gable. However, they have a few distinctive characteristics that make them stand out. The triangle-shaped roof ends are pointed towards the top. This is because the roof’s ends are capped at an angle.

These are another great roof , which can be fitted in with any home. However, they are more difficult to construct than the A-frame (which will be covered next). This roof does not provide the best ventilation and drainage. This roof is one of Florida’s most beautiful.

A-Frame Roofs

Finally, A frame roofs. Although this type of roof looks almost identical to a gable roof it has a much smaller angle where the roof lines meet. This gives you a more defined “upside down V” shape. This is how the roof got its name, as the shape of the roof looks like the letter A.

This roof doubles as a wall and is a popular choice because it can be used in many different styles and houses. A-frame roofs were popular in cottages, but they are now more popular as A-frame roofs can double as walls and save money.


Once you have a good idea of what roof styles are most popular in Florida, you can begin to choose the one that will be used for your home’s construction. A Old Time Roofing can help you make a decision or assist with choosing the right fit for your home.

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