Types Of Cockroaches Found In Homes


When you catch a cockroach in your house, you must move to the first step of their removal, that is, identification. There are about 4,500 different types of cockroaches in the world, but only 69 are found in the US. The good news is that only about 4-5 types invade your house.

For every roach you spot in your house, there is a high probability of a hundred more hidden somewhere. All cockroaches may look the same to an inexperienced eye. pest control in the Treaure Valley can identify their types and help you choose the most effective pest control methods. 

Types of cockroaches found in homes

  • German cockroaches. 

German cockroaches are found in most American homes. They are relatively small in size- about 0.5 inches and light brown in color with two dark stripes running down their thorax. It prefers to reside in houses and buildings and reproduces faster than other cockroaches. 

  • Brown-banded cockroaches. 

German and brown-banded roaches may inhabit the same houses, but they rarely hide in the same places. This is because while German cockroaches prefer to live near water sources, brown-banded ones prefer warmer and drier areas. You may find them inside or around your electronics, refrigerator, television, etc. 

  • American cockroach. 

American cockroaches are the biggest that you may find in your house, measuring about up to 2-inches as an adult. They are shiny and reddish in color so that they can be easily spotted in your house. These cockroaches usually live in the sewers and thus are found on the lower floors of buildings when they come up to escape the heat and look for food. 

  • Oriental cockroaches. 

If you were looking for the most disgusting roach on the list, your search is complete. Oriental cockroaches are among the most unpleasant types. They feed on garbage, feces, and decaying animal and plant matter. Since they spend a lot of time crawling over fecal matter and rotting things, they stink a lot too. If they contaminate your food, you will know it just by the smell. 

  • Smoky brown cockroaches. 

These cockroaches tend to get dehydrated very easily, so you will mostly find them in moist and damp areas or near water sources. They are hard to spot as they are highly nocturnal. However, they are attracted to light and will enter homes when they see it. 

There are various types of roaches, some more dangerous than others. However, all of them bring disease and illness into your house. Home remedies like chalk only work when they are less in numbers. To remove an entire infestation from your house or to conduct an inspection for one, call pest control services.