Understanding Some Basic Plumbing Tools for your Home


If you are about to start any plumbing or heating work, no matter how big or small, you will need some plumbing tools before you begin so that you can complete the job sufficiently. A decent collection of high-quality plumbing and heating tools will always give you the edge, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional plumber. Of course, in such situations, it is always advisable to consult with a specialist before independently starting any plumbing work or repairs.

Plumbing problems are common, especially when you live in an old house.

Houses with internal plumbing will eventually end up with blockages and leaks that you will have to deal with. That is why a plumbing kit should be an essential part of your home tool collection, read more at https://northernoasisplumbing.ca/.

There are many plumbing tools on the market, but only a few things you need. Impulsive tool buying will lead you to devices that are ultimately unnecessary and inappropriate for solving your home’s plumbing problems. Also, you should buy tools that are easy for you to use. Tools perfect for your feel will make repairs much easier and more convenient.

Among the important tools in your plumbing kit is an adjustable socket wrench. The tool symbolizes all plumbing tools and is indispensable when doing plumbing work at home. An adjustable socket wrench is used to hold round objects like pipes. Its serrated teeth make it easy to grip, tighten and loosen the tubes.

Most sickle wrenches do not have serrated teeth so that they won’t damage pipes or other plumbing fixtures. However, adjustable wrenches can damage pipes due to nicks. You can cover your teeth with tape or wrap them with a cloth to prevent this from happening. Another key that you must have is a crescent shaped key. The tool will help you understand threaded connections. It has a wheel that allows you to adjust the grip of the key.

The plumbing kit also requires a set of pliers. Pliers are needed to tighten and loosen nuts or fittings and hold pipes and brazing fittings. But in addition to gripping tools, you will also need a leak prevention tool. Ensure you have Teflon tape in your plumbing toolbox to eliminate leaks. The tape is versatile, preventing air and gas from escaping from pipe threads. Pipe cutters are C-cut pliers used to cut copper tubing to produce a smooth, rectangular cut ideal for making joints.

You should also get some clog cleaning tools to complete your plumbing kits, such as a sink or cabinet auger. The sink auger is a valuable plumber’s tool used to clear clogs in sinks and bathtubs. But this tool cannot be used in toilets, as toilets are odorless and require a different tool. To unclog toilets, you must have a toilet auger. Combination augers and drain augers are not interchangeable in terms of use, as they are both designed for different purposes.


Plumbing tools are quite affordable, so having your own won’t be a problem for your budget. Remember to get the basic tools when shopping for plumbing tools first. You will be able to obtain additional tools later.