What Are the Most Common Commercial Plumbing Problems?


A business can never be successful if the work environment is not perfect. The term “work environment” is an amalgamation of a series of factors, and plumbing is one of the most crucial ones among them. Commercial plumbing issues are often overlooked but cause havoc when eventually discovered. Thus, business owners must have the contact details of an experienced Commercial Plumber in Columbus saved on their phones. The section below includes the most common commercial plumbing problems plumbers in this part of the world handle.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains spoil the hygiene of offices and other commercial spaces. As a commercial plumbing system gets exposed to much more traffic than a residential system, commercial buildings tend to have clogged drains more often. The frequency of such issues is even more in buildings with restaurants. That’s because restaurant kitchens dispose of more waste daily than home kitchens.

Indeed, commercial plumbing systems are usually more durable compared to residential systems. However, massive water and waste passing through commercial systems makes blockages extremely common in these settings. If not cleaned regularly, these blockages lead to clogged drains.

Leaking Pipes

Like drains, the pipes in commercial buildings also see much more usage each day than those in residential units. As a result, the longevity of these pipes is often low. Commercial buildings have plumbing systems that are both more complex and expensive. However, without proper maintenance, they fail to remain functional for a long time.

The complex includes too many pipes. So, spotting minor leaks becomes impossible. Eventually, when the leaks are identified, they become big and difficult to mend. Regular inspection by a Commercial Plumber in Columbus can help to identify leaks before they cause serious issues. Some problems that plumbers can spot during such inspections include water damage on ceilings and walls, mold formation, corrosion, etc.

Improper Water Temperature

Commercial buildings are usually big and feature water lines covering hundreds of feet. They transport both cold and hot water depending on the users’ needs. This puts a significant amount of pressure on the water heaters. A defective water heater can stop working and prevent water from heating up.

However, the bigger problem arises when the faulty heaters stop allowing water temperature regulation. Without regulation, the water temperature can rise and leave the users at risk of getting burn injuries. A commercial plumber is the best person to mend such issues and ensure that the water coming from the faucets always has a bearable temperature.

Bad Odors

No business owner will want to greet employees and customers with foul smells from drains and pipes. If not managed at the right time, such events can make businesses lose customers. The situation tends to be even worse if the foul smell is in a restaurant or retail store. The most common cause of odors in commercial spaces is a blockage in the main sewage line. This usually happens when the valves become faulty and start diverting gasses through pipes.


Business owners can prevent most plumbing problems by organizing a thorough inspection once every six months. In the case of old buildings, the examination must occur every three to four months. A top Commercial Plumber in Columbus will quickly detect defects and offer instant solutions.