Until something goes wrong, we don’t realize just how much easier the hidden pipes make our lives. The pipes in your home are vital to the health and functioning of your home. Your pipes are the best way to keep your home comfortable and functioning. A small crack or leak can be repaired before it causes major damage that could cost thousands of dollars. How can you make sure your hidden pipes are safe? A drain pipe camera inspection.

How Do Drainpipe Cameras Work?

In the past, if a plumber needed inspection of your sewer or drain line, all they could do was dig up the yard or the area where the leak is suspected. Modern technology came to our rescue. Plumbers today use video technology to record and see what’s below the surface.

Plumbers will use a sewer camera connected to a flexible wire to inspect your pipes. The cable will be inserted into the main sewer cleanout. They will use a monitor to see inside your plumbing lines.

Search for Hidden Leaks

Some leaks are obvious. Others hidden behind walls and under your house are difficult to find. The sewer inspection camera allows your plumber to quickly locate the leak. The less damage that occurs, the faster the plumber can locate the leak.

Preventative Inspection

A preventative inspection can be a great idea if you think your pipes may be in serious trouble. Your plumber can inspect your pipes with a camera. The camera will reveal any problems and corrosion in your system. Sometimes, you can see if there is a collapsed pipe in the future. The camera can be used to pinpoint the exact location of a crack or collapsed pipe for a quick repair.

Evidence of Insurance

Your plumber will give you a DVD of the video after the camera inspection is complete. Although you won’t invite your friends to view it, it could be very valuable in helping with your insurance claim. This recording will provide visual evidence of the pipes’ condition and help to prove your claim. Your insurance company might reject your claim if you don’t have sewer line repair coverage.

Shop with Confidence

While most home inspectors are not qualified to inspect sewer lines, you can still hire a plumber to inspect your home before you sign for it. The decision is simple when you consider the cost of a sewer camera inspection versus a sewer repair. A plumber can also be hired to inspect your entire plumbing system. You can negotiate with the seller if they discover any problems.

Do you need a plumbing inspection?

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