What Is the Best Roof Cleaner?


Roof cleaners are not the same as other household cleaners. They all have different cleaning abilities. Roof cleaners can be compared to the cleaners that you use in your home. For example, one cleaner is better for removing grease stains while another cleaner is best for removing mold.

Some suggestions to help you narrow your search.

  • Star Brite Mold & Mildew Stain Remover works best on mold, mildew, and other growths. If you live in an area prone to mold growth or if your home is susceptible to it, this product will be useful.
  • Mold Armor Cleaner can be used as a bleach cleaner to remove tough stains. You don’t have to scrub and rinse repeatedly for a thorough clean with bleach cleaners.
  • Oxy Solve is a great pressure cleaner for all surfaces. This product can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including roofs. Oxy Solve is a great product to use for cleaning the driveway, the pool deck, and other surfaces.
  • Wet and Forget is the best all-around cleaner. It works on dirt, grime, and stains of different kinds. You don’t need to rinse Wet and Forget, as the name suggests. Rain, snow, and dew wash away the dirt as it dissolves over time.
  • Simple Green Industrial Degreaser & Cleanser is an eco-friendly option. It is important to choose an eco-friendly product for the protection of landscaping underneath your roof. You’ll also want to choose an eco-friendly option if your yard is constantly occupied by pets or wildlife. It will also reduce the chance of your pet ingesting any harmful chemicals that other detergents may contain.

Also, note that water, a little bleach, and generous amounts of dish soap can be sufficient. Brush your roof using a roof brush or rake with a long handle. Rinse it with plain water. Add the mixture of water, bleach, and detergent.

This mixture is a great success with many homeowners. This can save you money on buying a roof cleaning detergent that is not necessary.

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