Where To Build Your Home Cinema


Designing and building your own home cinema is an exciting project, not only for you but your friends and family too. The cost and difficulty of the endeavour are dependent on your preferences and if you are looking to recreate an immense and professional cinematic experience, then the financial costs will certainly be much higher. However, this is far from necessary and as technology becomes more affordable, the cheaper a home cinema experience becomes.

While we won’t advise you on the technical aspects of your project (this should be saved for the electronic experts), we will share our tips on one of the most essential aspects of building a home cinema, which is where it will be built. You may already have a room in mind but, before you begin, read through our guide to see if it really is the most appropriate space.

Living Room

This is often the room most residents will have in mind. In makes practical sense, since your entertainment system is likely already established. However, for a cinema experience, there are often shortcomings. This is because, when it comes to an immersive experience, light and sound control are essential.

A living room will typically not be designed to eliminate any light or sound interference as they are often central and social spaces. Unless you are confident in your living room’s build, it might be worth considering elsewhere.


While an outdoor cinema isn’t the most practical idea considering the British climate, both summer houses and similar outdoor buildings are great rooms for establishing a home cinema experience, especially for those that cannot find the room inside their home.

Building an external building, or upgrading your shed, is a great and affordable way to have complete control over your cinema experience. The room you build can be soundproofed, dark, and extremely comfortable, with hidden luxuries like minifridges tucked away.


Attic conversions are incredibly popular for their return on investment. Typically they are transformed into bedrooms, which is a common way of increasing the value of your home. However, if you’re not yet intending to sell, then it may be the ideal place for your home cinema.

While hidden inside your roof, the sound and light should not be an issue, a common problem encountered with attic cinemas is the viewing perspective of the projector. Unless your attic has an accommodating and clear surface upon which to project and watch your movies on, it may not work at all.


If you’re lucky enough to have an empty cellar, then you’re fortunate to have the most ideal space for a home cinema experience. Since it is underground, you will have no noise or light interference, ensuring your projected image is consistently crisp. There is also a minimal chance of interference of family members and guests passing through.

Promising your property’s electrical wiring supports it, building a cellar cinema is likely to be low-cost, allowing you the best seats in the house.