Why your factory will benefit from having a new epoxy floor


Turning up to open your small factory you look around and decide that it’s time to give it some attention. Some of your operatives have mentioned of late that it’s starting to look a bit shabby compared to where their mates work up the road and it is playing on your mind. The last thing you want to do is lose good staff, so it’s time to start looking after their surroundings.

On your list is some general upgrade in décor and improving the staff rest area, but of most concern is the flooring which is starting to show cracks and general wear. After speaking to a fellow business owner, you have been given the heads up to look at speaking in a firm who installs epoxy floor in Adelaide.

Here are 4 reasons why it’s a great idea

  1. It is cost effective. The flooring offers endurance and stability when laid, forming a firm bond and sealant when their materials are mixed to cause a chemical reaction. Rather than removing a previous surface costing money, an epoxy floor will be laid on top and have longevity.
  2. It is durable. The floor can handle anything from spilt chemicals through to heat and water. It is also shock resistant will be no worries about heavy items being dropped on the floor. Machinery, tools, or other appliances that give out heat or motor vehicles are of no issue to an epoxy floor.
  3. Restore pride. Your employees will be given a boost by the new flooring, showing them that you care about their welfare, which leads to increased production by a happy team. Visiting businesses will be likewise impressed and see a well-run and modern thinking business.
  4. It is easy to maintain, and it also looks good. The floor is easy to clean off any spillages, while dust will be easily dealt with by convenient conventional methods used to clean the floor. The new floor will look great too, transforming the factory. Epoxy floors have a surface that reflects light which comes in many colours and can even have decorative chips added that will illuminate the whole space, making it look like you have suddenly increased the area in size.

The installation of an epoxy floor is a great idea to create an elegant, cost-effective solution to new flooring while offering a feel-good factor to your staff and visiting perspective customers.