Designing Your Home To Improve the Neighbourhood


Certain residential areas are more popular than others. This could be the result of location, low crime rates, proximity to public transport, or merely because the properties are all well-maintained. Properties that are consistently well-presented are sought-after among both potential home buyers and rental tenants alike. Designing a new home, or even an addition to your living space, can make a significant difference to the improvement of the locale as a whole. We’re here to offer advice that will not only enhance your property but put your neighbourhood on the map.

Go Green

Sustainability and energy efficiency are the latest buzzwords in many industries, including that of property. Many stakeholders in property development from the grassroots upwards are keen to set themselves apart from their competitors in the marketplace. If you’re designing a new home from scratch, your architect can incorporate ‘green’ elements in their design. In the case of an already-established home, you can make changes to make your home more eco-friendly. For example, you can install solar panels to reduce the energy required to heat water for bathing or washing dishes. Adding skylights is another excellent way to reduce the need for lights to be switched on too early in the day. If you are considering a kitchen remodel, install energy-saving appliances to decrease the load on the electrical grid.

Garden Grandeur

In staying with the concept of ‘going green’, why not invest some time and money into upgrading your garden? With times constantly changing, many British citizens are unable to visit local, public recreational areas; this has highlighted the importance of having a garden in which to spend time outdoors. Beautiful, well-tended green spaces on a property not only create enjoyment for their owners but also positively impact the atmosphere of the entire neighbourhood. Some homeowners have even added summer houses to their back gardens, turning them into their own private hideaways. Others have upgraded their outdated tool sheds into log cabins, which not only adds to the aesthetic of their properties but also increases their overall worth. The higher the value of homes in a specific area, the more desirable they will be to both lessees and potential homebuyers.

Room Revamps

Estate agents will tell you that the two rooms on most people’s wish lists are a modern kitchen and a reasonably large bathroom. Revamping even one of these two rooms within your home will not only notably increase your comfort, but it may also inspire your neighbours to follow suit. Each renovation within a home in a specific area increases the appeal of living there. A key recommendation that is often made to homeowners looking to sell their properties is that they remodel either the kitchen or the bathroom, or if they can afford to, both. By doing this, they open themselves up to making a substantial profit on the sale of their property, which is likely to cover all the expenses for the room’s renovations.

The key to living in a lovely neighbourhood is to maintain all aspects of your property regularly and keep abreast of (and implement) significant trends that will positively impact the area for all the residents.