What Is the Difference Between Rekeying and Changing Locks?


Everyone deserves to have the peace of heart that comes with knowing their home and valuables will be safe and secure, no matter what life changes they may face. You might think that changing your locks is the best option after moving or if you lose a key. However, there are actually more affordable and easier ways to increase security. What are the benefits of rekeying locks over lock replacement?

What is the Function of a Lock?

The majority of key locks operate today using pin tumblers. When the key is inserted, its ridges and notches will push the pins upwards, compressing the springs to align them and allowing it to be turned. There are millions of key combinations depending on the pins’ number and height.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying a lock involves keeping the existing hardware in place, and realigning the tumblers to match the new key cut. Rekeying locks may seem easy on paper but it takes special tools and finesse. If done incorrectly, the lock mechanism can be damaged, which will require replacement.

When Should locks be rekeyed?

Rekeying locks ensures that no one can gain access to your business or home, and it saves you the time and money of replacing the lock. Rekeying is done for many reasons.

  • When you purchase a new house
  • Break-ins: What to do afterward
  • Keys that are stolen or lost
  • Change of roommate

It is always better to rekey a lock than replace it because this solution is more affordable and easier. It’s best to hire a Residential Locksmith to rekey your locks. This will ensure that they are done correctly and prevent damage to the lock mechanism.

Lock Repair

You may have to replace your entire lock if you want to upgrade the locking hardware or if a lock is damaged due to a break-in, wear and tear, or other reasons. It can be much more time-consuming and expensive to replace a lock than it is to rekey it. Consult a security professional before replacing a lock.

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